Welcome to the TEI of Athens

As the President of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens, I have the pleasure to welcome you to our Institution and its web hosting pages.

In 1983, the TEI of Athens evolved from a Higher Technical Education Centre to a Technological Educational Institute. Today, the TEI of Athens is a modern Higher Education Institution comprising 456 Teaching staff members whose educational and research work is supported by several temporary Teaching staff members, 207 Administrative staff members, 79 Specialized Scientific staff members and 25.000 students. In terms of Teaching staff and student resources, it is the largest Technological Educational Institute and the third largest Higher Education Institution in Greece as for the number of students.

The TEI of Athens is a living organism developing dynamically and evolving continuously, which makes it extremely competitive in national and international level. It offers internationally recognized undergraduate and graduate study programmes and according to the Intra-university Higher Education Policy Network (2012, 2nd edition), it figures among the 11,43% of the world's best Higher Education Institutions. Furthermore, according to a study conducted by the LLP/ERASMUS Student Network, it is 100% proposed to foreign students.

During its 30 years of existence, the TEI of Athens has to showcase a rich work on Education and Research by having graduates with specialized technological and scientific skills, thus contributing significantly to the formation of the modern Greek technology and consequently to the country's economy. The graduates of the TEI of Athens have a career in both private and public sectors as successful professionals, continue their studies in Greece and abroad on a third level, and are distinguished scientists, researchers and professors nationally and internationally.

The TEI of Athens consists of twenty-seven (27) Departments belonging to five (5) Faculties, staffed by distinguished scientific, technological and supporting members. Most of the Departments have already been successfully evaluated by international external committees, while a large number of departments and service structures have been certified (TUV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH) and follow a system of quality management according to the International Standard EN ISO 9001:2008.

In addition, the TEI of Athens possesses all the necessary infrastructure for the proper service of students, for ex. the electronic handling of requests concerning secretarial work, free Wi-Fi, Library, clinic, gym, restaurants and canteens, parking places, conference center, structures for counseling and social care, employment and career, innovation and entrepreneurship, liaison office, as well as structures for student exchange, internship and lifelong learning.

As the President of the Institution, I would like to invite you to take part in the creative process of the TEI of Athens by visiting its premises, getting to know its people and discussing with them the opportunities of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, training and research, as well as the activities conducted for further promotion of the Institute in general.


Thank you,

Prof. Michael Bratakos

President of the TEI of Athens

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