Directorate Of Administrative Affairs 
Welcome To The WebSite Of Directorate Of Administrative Affairs
The Directorate of Administrative Affairs deals with personnel matters covering all categories of staff as well as providing secretarial & administrative support to the Collective Decision-Making Bodies of T.E.I. of Athens. It also has close cooperation with the Law Department on legal issues.

The Directorate of Administrative Affairs consists of four (4) Departments:
    1. Department of Teaching & Special Teaching Staff,
    2. Department of Administrative Staff and Special Technical Staff,
    3. Department of Secretarial Support and Registry &
    4. Department of Collective Decision-Making Bodies.

The Directorate Of Administrative Affairs is located in the basement of the central building of the administration and it's open from 7.30a.m. to 15.30p.m., Monday to Friday.

Director is Dalapa Maria [Telephone: ++(30)2105385101,161 - Fax: ++(30)2105385139,181].