Faculty of Health and Caring Professions 
History of the School 
·     The center of Higher Technological Education in Athens (KATE) included among other Schools, the Higher School of Paramedical Professions (ASPE) comprising of the following Departments: Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Radiology and Radiography Technicians, Dental technicians, Hospital Management  and Inspectors of Public Health (legislative decree) ·         The School was later renamed «Higher School for Executives of Health and Social Welfare» and also KATE was renamed «KATEE» and new Departments - Opticians, Occupational Therapy and Cosmetics - were established (Act 576/77)
·         When The Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) were established (after the suppression  of KATEE – act 1404/83) the School was renamed «School of Professions of Health and Welfare» / SEYP and the following Departments functioned: Cosmetics, Nursery, General of Basic Medical Modules, Public Health, Health Visitors, Occupational Therapy, Medical Laboratories, Social Work, Midwifery, Nursing (A and B), Physiotherapy, Dental Technicians, Opticians, Radiology and Radiography Technicians.
·         The following higher Schools which had previously been under the authority of the Ministry of Health and Welfare were also incorporated respectively by the Department of TEI.  A.   Health Sector1.    School of Visiting Sisters2.    School of Visiting Sisters EES3.    School of Sisters and Visiting Sisters (PIKPA)4.    State School of Sisters in Salonica5.    School of Sisters of Evangelismos Hospital6.    School of Sisters of Agia Sophia Children’s Hospital, Aglaia Kyriakou Children’s Hospital, Pammakaristos, Olympias Hospital of the Church of Greece, General Laiko of Athens and General of Athens7.    Midwifery Schools of the following Maternity Clinics: Alexandra, Marika Eliadis and Saint Sophia of Salonica.8.    Physiotherapy School of General Laiko Hospital Athens. B. Welfare Sector1.     Schools of Social Work/ Institute for the Development of Social Work (IAKE), Deaconesses of the Apostolic Ministration Church of Greece and the Society for the Protection of Underage, Athens (EPAA)2.     Nursery School of Mitera, PIKPA Ioannina and PIKPA of Salonica. TEIs were finally incorporated by the Highest Sector of Technological Education and since then the same Departments have been functioning at SEYP, TEI - Athens based on revised analytical syllabuses and comprising of eight semesters. Furthermore, the Faculty has readjusted and modernized both its curricula and substantial infrastructure following the contemporary trends in Health Sciences. 

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