ERASMUS Students Announcement (07/11/2011)
 Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design 
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Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts & Design
he Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design of the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, TEI of Athens, covers various fields of expertise: Interior Architecture and Design, Exterior Architecture for small scale areas/spaces, Industrial/Product Design for everyday-use products, including also all Applied Decorative Arts. The department mission is to promote the field of Design through theory and practice, and to provide its graduates with all the necessary qualifications, specialist knowledge and practices for their future professional carrier and development.

The department curriculum, with a series of prerequisite courses, optional prerequisite courses, elective and general education courses, is aiming to offer to design students vision, skills, design directions, artistic and aesthetic sensibility and skilfulness in design problem-solving. The intention is to offer to their students education that will expand their knowledge and awareness on the technological advances in the design field, to assist them explore the role of technology and of the processes that lead to artefacts with identity, in order to fulfil current demands in the design profession and to anticipate future developments.

Graduates of this course will be able to work as Interior Architects in architectural and design practices, designing comfortable, safe, and useful indoor spaces in terms of space, materials, detailing and atmosphere. On entering the workplace they will be equipped to undertake interior architectural projects and independently carry them through to completion. With their technical and artistic background, they will be capable to design special consumer products - furniture, ceramics, textiles, and to create unique artistic artefacts, thus influencing directly or indirectly local consumers aesthetic values.

They can work as freelancers in both the private and the public sector in accordance to the valid legislation, in education, promotion and exhibition services, architecture offices, industry etc. They can also be employed as members of research groups on topics of applied research and according to their artistic, scientific and technical knowledge. They may also wish to pursue a postgraduate diploma or masters programme in interior architecture, product design, or related disciplines.