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 Department of Oenology and Beverage Technology 
Department of Wine, Vine and Beverage Sciences
Welcome to our Department!

The Department of Wine, Vine and Beverage Sciences was founded in 1985 and is the only Department of Higher Education in Greece that offers Integrated oenological and wine education.

The course lasts eight semesters. The first seven semesters include theory and laboratory courses and the last to practice in the workplace oenological applications (wineries, distilleries, oenological laboratories and analytical work, business oenological equipment, etc.) and preparing the thesis.

The number of students admitted to our Department as determined by the decree to 80 students per academic year. Until the academic year 2007-08 have graduated a total of approximately 500 students. The majority of our graduates work in articles related to the wine industry, mostly in the manufacturing process and marketing - marketing of wines and beverages. A portion (hold master's and / or doctorate) is engaged in research as a teaching - research staff in research centers and educational institutions in Greece and abroad.