Vice-president of TEI-Athens, Ioannis Emmanuel Chalaris
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Curriculum Vitae
Ioannis Emmanuel Chalaris

1. Personal Information

Surname: Chalaris
Name: Ioannis
Father's Name: Emmanuel
Date of Birth: 25.8.53.
Nationality: Greek
Marital Status: Married
Wife's Name: Eleni
Children: Three
Children's Names:
- Emmanuel.
Born: 9.4.78, Athens, Greece.
Born: 4.12.80, W.Berlin, Germany.
- Jason.

Born: 23.2.87, Athens, Greece.
Home Address: Arkadias 5, A. Glyfada, 165 61, Athens.
Telephone / Mobile : +30 210 9613323 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting+30 210 9613323end_of_the_skype_highlighting, +30 6937853873 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting+30 6937853873end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Current position

of Athens - Department of Information Technology
Sector of "Informative Systems and Applications"

Address: Agiou Spiridona & Palikaridi - 122 44 Aigaleo
Telephone: +30 210 5910974 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting+30 210 5910974end_of_the_skype_highlighting, +30 210 5319672 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting+30 210 5319672end_of_the_skype_highlighting
FAX +30 210 5910975

2. Education

[1971 - 1975] Diplom, Department of Physics, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

[1976 - 1979] Postgraduate Studies, Computer Science Department - Technical Univ. of West Berlin

[1979 - 1983] Dr. Ing. - Computer Science Department - Technical Univ. of West Berlin
hesis: "Development of program technics and heuristics for scheduling oil shipments in oil-pipeline networks".
Supervisor : Dr. Uwe Pape, Professor of informatics

Scholarships: Deutsche Akademische Auschtauschdienst (D.A.A.D.) [1978-1980].

Note: During Oct. 1983 - Oct. 1984 I fulfilled my military services.

3. Working Experience

• 1980 - 1983: Assistant Professor, Institute of Angewandte Elektronische Datenverarbeitung - Computer Science Department - Technical Univ. of West Berlin

• 1982: consultant , Nord-West-Oelleitung GmbH - Germany.

10.84 - 9.85: Advisor in E.O.M.M.E.X (Supervisor of pilot project in the computerization of small to medium-sized enterprises).

10.85 - 5.89: Vice Director - Directorate for Informatics Development in Greece- Ministry of Public Administration

• 4.87 - 5.89 : Coordinator of Informatics Department, ...(Productivity Greece Center)

• 5.89 - today : Professor TEI of Athens - Department of Informatics - Software Engineering, Quality Assurance for Information Systems, Applications for public sector

• 4.02 - 9.02 : Visitor Prof. - Univ. of Wien - Department of Knowledge Engineering

4. Administrative Duties

• Dec. 1987 - Sep. 1989

• Sep. 1992 - Jan. 1995
Advisor Department of Informatics TEI of Athens.

• Dec. 1994 - Dec. 1996
General Secreter in National Center for Public Administration - Ministry of Presidency of Government.

• Jan. 1994 - Jan. 1995
Member of Administrative Council - (EDP-Center Health Ministry)

• March 2001 - March 2004
Member of Administrative Council - Information Society SA

5. Development and co-ordination of Technological Inquiring Programs

• 7.90 - 9.92
Scientific Advisor Project 106 90.
Design and Implementation of CASE Tool A.T.L.A.S. (Advanced TechnoLogy Applications framework System).

• 9.93 - 12.94
Scientific Advisor Project- TEI of Athens
"Design and Implementation for an Administrative Information System.

• 1.96 - 12.98
Scientific Advisor Project- TEI of Athens
"Design and Implementation for an Administrative Information System for National Center for Public Administration

• 7.98 - 12.99
Scientific Advisor Project- TEI of Athens
"Design and Implementation for an Administrative Information System for Thermal Buses SA

• 01.98 - 12.01
Scientific Advisor Project- TEI of Athens
Quali_Learn: E-Learnig technologies and applications for Quality Assurance

• 09.03 - 4.04
Scientific Advisor Project- TEI of Athens
"Design and Implementation - Site for Thermal Buses SA

• 09.03 - 12.06
Scientific Advisor Project ASPIDA - TEI of Athens - Arcimides I
"Quality, Security and Interoperability for e Government applications"

• 09.05 - today
Administrative Coordinator for various projects of Archimides II - TEI of Athens

6. Self-reliant Teaching

• 1989 - today: Department of Informatics - TEI ofm Athens:
• Evaluation of Informatic
• Advance Program Technics
• Softwera Engineering
• Quality and reliability of Information Systems

• 2001 - today: National School for Public Administartion
• E Goverment
• Technologies for Information Systems

Additional Postgraduate Lectures in:
• Telematics Management - Donau Univ. Austria & TEI Piraia &
• Univ. Of Patras - Department of Mathematics and Informatics

7. Contribution in the configuration of matter of courses and growth educational and laboratorial material

1. CASE - The evolution of Software Engineering, GCS 1990.
2. Structure Analysis and Design. From Theorie ... to Praxis", MIT 1991,
3. E Government, NCPA 2004

Academic Notes
1. Beispielen diskterer Simulation - Uebungsaufgaben in SIMULA 67.
TU-Berlin, Institut fuer AEDV, 1982.
2. Object oriented Analysis and Design.Seminar Greek Computer Society and Cyprus Computer Society, Nicosia 1992
3. .
4. Quality and reliability of Information Systems, of Athens, 1999
5. Software Engineering. TEI of Athens, 2000
6. Projectmanagement, of Athens, 2004

8. Publications

Dr. J. Chalaris, Prof. Dr. Uwe Pape,
"Anwendung eines heuristischen Verfahrens zur Disposition von Oeltransporten in Oelleitungsnetzen. Der NWO Fall.", nformatic applies, DEC. 83.

C. Skourlas, V. Melagrakis, G. Miaoulis, J. Chalaris, S. Xanthakis, J. Dragonas.
"The New role of a Documentation System for Standardization." SESS (Software Enginnering Standards Symbosium), IEEE Computer Society, 30/08-03/09 1993 Brighton England.

Dr. Halaris J. - Geropoulos S.
"Reuse Concepts and a Reuse Support Repository."
Engineering of Computer-based Systems (ECBS) '96, IEEE Symposium and Workshop, Friedrichshaven Germany 11 - 15 March 1996, pp 27-34.
(This paper has been registered in the database of

Dr. J. Halaris, S. Geropulos, P. Petropulos
"Design of an integrated educational software development environment oriented in reuse and quality assurance of products and processes," Poster-paper, 3rd International Conference on Reliability, Quality & Safety of S/W intensive Systems.
(ENCRESS 97), 29-30 May 1997 - Greece

"E-Learning using Multimedia Tele-Teaching Labs"
J.Halaris, S.T.Geropoulos and P.Pintelas
Themes in Education, 2002 , Vol.3, No.2, pp.141-164

Hannes Lischka, Judit Bajnai, Dimitris Karagiannis, Giannis Chalaris.
"The Virtual Global University
The realisation of a fully virtual university - Concept and Experiences"
University of Vienna, Institute for Computer Science and Business Informatics, Department for Knowledge Engineering & TEI of Athens, Dep. of Informatics
Conference Interactive Computer Learning (ICL) 2002 - 25 to 27 September 2002 in Villach, Austria.

Judit Bajnai, Giannis Chalaris, Dimitris Karagiannis, Hannes Lischka
"The Virtual Global University - A case study"
University of Vienna, Institute for Computer Science and Business Informatics, Department for Knowledge Engineering & TEI of Athens, Dep. of Informatics
Conference VIEWDET 2002 - Vienna International Working Conference - eLearning and eCulture - 5.-7. Dezember 2002, TU Wien

Ioannis Chalaris, N. Michalopoulos, Judit Bajnai, Emmanuel Chalaris
"E-Learning Quality Support through Process Oriented Software Development"
Sixth International Conference on Computer Based Learning in Science (CBLIS), Cyprus Jul. 2003

Ioannis Chalaris, Georgios Stefanidis, Emmanuel Chalaris
Entwicklung einer Prozessorientierten Infrastruktur für erfolgreiches Projektmanagement von E-Government-Projekten mit hohem Risiko. Eine Fallstudie des griechischen Unternehmens „Information Society S. A."
Conference e/GOV 2003, 13-14 Februar 2003, Austrian Computer Society - Wien

Dr. Ioannis Chalaris, Dept. of Informatics, TEI of Athens Greece and Petros Belsis, University of the Aegean, Greece.
From IT-Security & Quality Management Systems to IT-Governance: Trends and Support using business modelling Tools.

Boufeas George, Halaris Ioannis, Kokkinou Aikaterini
Business plans for the development of e-government in Greece. An appraisal, United Nations Thessaloniki Centre, Occasional Papers for Public Service Professionalism., No 5, 2004,

o Pritsos D. Korovesis Y., Chalaris I., Belsis P, "Establishing new techniques to prevent buffer overflow network intrusions", International Conference on Networking Entities (Netties) 2004, October 2004, Budapest

P. Belsis, I. Chalaris, S. Gritzalis, A. Malatras, C. Skourlas
"Enhancing Knowledge Management through the Use of GIS and Multimedia"
5th International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management
2.-3. December 2004, Vienna, Austria

o Belsis P., Malatras A., Gritzalis S., Skourlas C., Chalaris I., "Semantically enabled Secure Multimedia content delivery using GIS principles", in Proceedings of the IADAT-micv2005 International Conference on Multimedia, Image Processing and Computer Vision, J. Larrauri et al. (Eds.), April 2005, Madrid, Spain, Proceedings by IADAT International Association for the Development of Advances in Technology, pp. 34-39, ISBN 84-933971-5-6, ISSN 1698-1073

o Belsis P., Malatras A., Gritzalis S., Skourlas C., Chalaris I., "Pervasive Secure Electronic Healthcare Records Management", in Proceedings of the ICEIS 7th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems - Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing, S. K. Mostefaoui (Ed.), May 2005, Miami, USA, published by ICEIS

o Gritzalis S., Belsis P. Karyda M., Chalaris M., Skourlas C., Chalaris I.,
"Designing the Provision of Public Key Infrastructure services for
eGovernment", in Proceedings of the HERCMA 2005 7th Hellenic European
Research on Computer Mathematics and its Applications Conference, September 2005, Athens, Greece, Proceedings by LEA Publisher

9. Research papers in Pan-Hellenic congresses with international attendance and with auditor's system.

• I. Chalaris: Object-oriented design of data tank, as the basic component of a 2nd generation CASE system.
3rd Pan-Hellenic Congress of EPY, Athens, May 1991.

• I. Chalaris: Design and implementation of a CASE ATLAS system (Advanced Technology Application framework System).
4th Pan-Hellenic Congress of EPY, Patras, Dec. 1993.

• I. Chalaris, S. Fragkos " An effective way of establishing Quality Management Systems" in Proceedings of 7th Hellenic Conference on Informatics, Ioannina, August 1999, pp VI.2 - VI.10

• G. Miaoulis, C. Skourlas, J. Chalaris, "A Framework for the Design and Implementation of Information Retrieval and Documentation Systems" in Proceedings of 7th Hellenic Conference on Informatics, Ioannina, August 1999, pp VI.11 - VI.17

• Chalaris: Quali_Learn: Distance learning in software quality assurance and services provision. 4th Pan-Hellenic Congress on pedagogic in Math & Information Technology, Rethymno - Crete, Oct.1999

• G. Miaoulis, C. Skourlas, I. Chalaris. Collaboration of heterogeneous infrastructures of videoconferences to support educational process of high interactivity: Contribution from the experimental operation of educational networks ABL, AV & AW, 2nd Pan-Hellenic Congress with International Participation Technologies of Information and Communication in Education, Patras, 15 October 2000

• I. Chalaris, S. Geropoulos, G. Miaoulis Design and standardization of educational process in ODL applications. Modeling of operational processes with software tools
1st Pan-Hellenic EAP Congress for open and distance Learning Education, Patras 25-27 May 2001

• Dr. Ioannis Chalaris, "E-Learning: approaches for vocational training",
Workshop on Human Capital and Continuing Education in ICT,
8th Pan-Hellenic conference on Informatics with international participation,
Greek Computer Society + Cyprus Computer Society + University of Cyprus,
Nicosia, Cyprus, November 8-10, 2001.

• Development of qualitative actions of e-Learning with support of process-oriented infrastructure. The case of "Information Society", Dr. Ioannis Chalaris of Athens, Georgios Stefanidis BOC Athens, Hannes Lischka, ag. University of Vienna, Judit Bajnai ag. University of Vienna, 2nd Pan-Hellenic EAP Congress, Patras March 2003

o Documentation and Analysis of Health Information Systems elements by the use of process-oriented tools'', I. Chalaris, 6th Pan-Hellenic Scientific Congress: Management of Health Services, Alexandroupoli, 7 - 9 October 2004

• Quality Assurance of Information Systems - From Theory to Practice, Dr. Ioannis Chalaris of Athens, Emmanuel Chalaris, MSc E-Business Management, Career Office of of Athens. 7th Pan-Hellenic Management Congress, Porto Heli, 5-7 October 2005

10. Announcements as invited speaker.

• I. Chalaris: "Entwicklung der Informatik in Griechenland. Zielsetzungen einer nationale Strategie und organisatorische Vorbereitung".
Weiterbildungsseminar, Absolventen TU-Berlin, NOV. 88.

• I. Chalaris: "The need of strategic applications for the development of Information Technology in the national and enterprise level.
Cyprus Computer Society: Information Technology - the unexploited development resource of Cypriot economy. Nicosia, June 1992.

• I. Chalaris: "Die oeffentliche Verwaltung in Griechenland: Projekt- und Qualitaetsmanagement fuer IT-Projekte", (Public Administration in Greece: Management in quality assurance for Information Technology projects). Tagung: Geschaeftsprozess-management in der oeffentlichen Verwahltung Univ. of Wien - Abteilung Wissenstechnologie, Wien 28 & 29 Mai 2002.

• I. Chalaris: "Business Intelligenz & Qualitaetsmanagement bei der Softwareerstellung - Nur ein theoretischer Ansatz oder zugleich erreichbares Ziel ?"
Online in WWW unter URL: http:/ 27.5.02 - Lecture in University of Vienna in Knowledge Management Institute in the framework of Business Intelligence.

• I. Chalaris, Member of Director - Information Society SA: "Design of Process Oriented Infrastructures for e-Government Project Management. The "Information Society SA" Case Study". 3rd Greek-Turkish Information Society Forum, June 6-8, 2003, Rhodes Island, Greece.

• Dr. Ioannis Chalaris, . : Development of process oriented infrastructure for administrating e-Government projects Advanced Networking Technologies and Applications 2003, Athens, TEMAGON 10-June 2003

• I. Chalaris: Constituted concretization of synchronous and asynchronous e-Learning actions, of Education of Instructors in the area of e-Learning,
26.10.04 Athens & 12.11.04 Thessaloniki

o I. Chalaris Management and Optimization of Enterprise Processes - From Theory to Practice of Athens, ..., of Piraeus, 1.11.05 Congress Center of Egaleo.

11. Other publications without auditor's system

• I. Chalaris: "Kostenminimale Maximalflussproblem. Implementierung eines Generators zur Erprobung von Zuordnungs- und Transport-problemen."
Report - Institut AEDV TU-BERLIN. Berlin, 10.77

• I. Chalaris: "Education and training in the field of Information Technology. The role of Information Technology Development service".
Ministry of Presidency for the introduction of Information Technology in the Public Administration". Athens, July 1986

• I. Chalaris: "The evolution of Information technology for the fulfilment of military requirements. The limits for a reliable use"
with international participation of /.
"The Greek society and the challenges of Information Technology".
Athens, Apr. 1987.

• I. Chalaris: "Governing early educational developments in software technology".
with international participation of /Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs "Information Technology and Education", Athens Dec. 1987.

• I. Chalaris: Targets and foundations of a socially accepted strategy for the development of Information Technology"
8 Pan-Hellenic Greek Enterprise Operational Research Conference, Jan. 1988, with D. Gritzalis

• I. Chalaris: "Automation of large-scale software development by using CASE technologies. Trends of completion and strategic application".
2 Pan-Hellenic Information Technology Conference of , Thessaloniki, November 1988.

• I. Chalaris: "Plans for the development of Information Technology as a tool for the modernization of public administration".
& Ministry of Presidency.
"Seminar on Information Technology. Planning & Project management. "
Athens, 15 - 17 NOV. 88.

• I. Chalaris: "The use of expertise systems in CASE environments "
Meeting of with national participation, Athens, Feb. 1989.
"Databases and CASE systems. "
INFOSYSTEM 90, Thessaloniki Oct. 1990

• I. Chalaris: "The processes for the rational import of Information Technology in the Public Sector" Meeting of Ministry of Presidency: Information Technology in the Greek public sector,Athens, May 1992.

• I. Chalaris: "Information Technology and Education - The role of the Department of Information Technology in of Athens."
- , Athens, Dec. 1992.

I. Chalaris: "The training of executives in computer science as a tool for the upgrade of public services to the citizens", Meeting Compupress, Athens, May 1995.

• I. Chalaris: "Policy of continuing training of public employees. Application in the sector of Information Technology."
Infosystem 95 - 1st Conference for the applications of Information Systems and Communication, Thessaloniki 6.10.95.

• I. Chalaris: "Evolution of Software Technology & International Initiatives for Quality Assurance of Information Technology products and services"
Meeting GCS - NCPA "Quality Issues & Reliability of software in Research, Industry and Services", Athens 16/10/95.

• I. Chalaris: "Quality Assurance in software development - The adaptation of CASE tools". Infosystem 96 - 2nd Conference of Information Technology and Communications, Thessaloniki

• P. Belsis, I. Chalaris, A. Malatras, I. Drakopoulos: "Supporting the Learning Process Through Knowledge Based Systems". Workshops on Computer Science Education - Tempus Project CD-JEP 16160/2001, January 2004

Article in Magazine (short text)
Ioannis Chalaris: Integrated Health Information Systems and the challenges of their implementation, Magazine NEA YGEIA, Issue 43, March 2004

Research Participation.

1. "Informatics in Greece. Evolution & Perspectives".
Studies of Ministry of Presidency of Government for OECD, Dec. 1987 (Member of the research group).

2. Educational requirements specification for the users of the National Health System (NHS) Hospitals.
Institute of Technological Education (..), Nov. 1990 (project leader of the research group)

3. Information Technology in Greece. Constraints and perspectives.
GCS -GPC 1993 (member of the research group) .

4. Development of qualifications/duties rankings for professionals in the field of Information Technology & Communications in the public sector.
GCS 1996 (member of the research group) .

Participation in scientific associations and Councils.

• Member of G.I (Gesellschaft fuer Informatik).
• Member of GCS - Secretary of the administrative council (1989 - 1992).
• Member of OSEP- (March 2001 to March 2002)

Dr. Ioannis Emm. Chalaris

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