From Centers for Higher Technical Education (KATE's) to Technological Educational Institutions (TEI's)
History of the T.E.I. of Athens
‘echnological Educational Institutions (TEI' s) are legal entities, which were founded in 1983 within the framework of Law 1404/1983 in order to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge and background provided by the Greek universities and the demand for highly trained staff who could meet the challenges of the Greek market in technology related fields.

They are self-governed, multi-disciplinary, technology-oriented institutions funded by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and according to Law 3549/2007 TEI' s are equal to the Greek universities.

The TEI of Athens is the largest of all TEI' s in Greece situated at Aegaleo, a densely populated suburb of Athens. It has always been at the forefront of developments in technological education.

Over 35.000 students attend the four-year courses provided by its Departments and taught by teaching staff committed to maintaining the highest standards in education.

Great emphasis is laid on the curricula of the Departments which are continuously revised in order to keep pace with all the recent developments in technology and to be tailored to the needs of the Greek market.

It comprises five faculties which occupy a complex of buildings on the main campus, though several Departments are situated elsewhere due to the increasing number of students.