President, TEI of Athens - Bratakos Michael




HOME ADDRESS: Kyklaminon 13 12137, Peristeri

WORK ADDRESS: Ag. Spiridonos , 122 10, Egaleo, TEI Athens

Tel: 2105385571, FAX: 210 5911590

MARITAL STATUS: Married, two children


1985-1990: Ph.D. thesis on the subject" Selenium content

in food and biological samples and thir relation with cancer",

University of Patras, Chemistry Deparment.

1978-1983: University of Athens,School of Physics and Mathematics, DepartmChemistry.

1978-1983: School of Food Technology, KATEE of Athens, Department of vVegetable Products.

MILITARY SERVICE: Lieytenant Officer, (1971-1973)


-Quality Coontrol at the Hellenic Breweries FIX (1975) and ALFA (1976) and from 1977-1980 partly at the Coca Cola

company Bottling Factory S.A as a responsible for Quality control, with collaborating provincial factories of the same company (Corfu, Rhodes,Trikala, Krete).

Seminar Speaker at the Panhelelnic Union of Comsumers ELKEPA and ETHIAGE

Hourly paid Laboratory Assistant (1977-1980) in the Department of Vegetable products at the Superios Rchool of Food

Technology of KATEE - Athens, with teaching work Laboratory exercises in the Chemistry Laboratory (Inorganic and

Analytic Chemistry). Microbioligy of Food, General Microbiology, Food Laboratory Hygiene and Food pacckaging.

Hourly paid Laboratory Assistant with parallel occupation for 3 continued semesters 1978 and 1979) at the Labotatories

of Microbiology and Hygienic Engineering of the Department of Public Health Supervisors at the Superios School of

Paramedical Professions of KATEE- Athens.

- Examiner at the examinations of the National Scholarships Institution. in the subject of Food Chemistry for TEI graduates of the Departments of the School of Food and Feeding Technology (1991-1997, 2003-2005).

-Member of the Proposing Comittee of studies frame at the Paedagogical Institute for the Sector of Chemical Laboratory

Applications of TEE (1999)

Evaluator of the book "General Chemistry, A' Grade" of the Paedagogical Institute for the SectorChemical Laboratory

Applications of TEE (2000).

-Sxientific Collaborator of OEEK in reshaping of educational programs of study in the Sector of Food and Beverages. (1999-2001).

-Coordinator of the Team of Authors of the Training Guide on the Specialty "Water and Beverages Processing and Bottling

Technician" (1999-2000).


1. Vice-president of TEI-Athens from 1/09/2005 and professor in the Department of Food Technology of the School of Food Technology and Nutrition, specialised in "Laboratory Food Analysis" and more generally in subjects of Food Microbiology,

Chemistry and Food Technology.

2. President of the Supreme Tecnological Education Council.


1. Director of the School of Food Technology and Nutrition of TEI-Athens, (1/09/2000-31/08/2005).

2. Head of the Department of Food Technology (1994-1997).

3. Responsible fot the Backgound Subject Group of the School of Food Technology (1998-2000).

4. Member of the Comittee of Postgraduate Studies of the School of Food Technology (1994-1998).

5. Responsible of the Laboratory of Food Instrumental Analysis (1985-today)

6. President of the Comittee of Practical Exercise ofthe Students of the Department of Food technology (1997-2001).


A. in Postgraduate Level

Lectures and laboratory exercises in the Postgraduate M.Sc. Program of the Department of Food Technology, conducted in cooperation with the University of Lincolnshire, UK (1993-2000)

B. In Unergraduate Level at the Department of Food Technology

Teaching of Theoretical Subjects and Laboratory Exercises on the subjects: Food AnalysisI, Food Analysisi II,

Legiaslation and Food Specifications, Quantitative Analytical Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food chemistry, Technology and Quality control of Oils and Fats.

C. In public IEK, KEK. TEI - Athens, TEI-Piraeus and private KEK

1. Teaching of theoretical subjects and Laboratory Exercises a) Quantitative Analytical Chemistry and b) Quality control of Drugs and cosmetics at the IEK of Ilioupolis (1990-1991) and at the IEK of west Attica (1992-1994)

2. Educational programs of the Department of Food Technology (KEK). A) Teaching of theoretical and Laboratory part of the program"Food Technology", as a coordinator of the program.

b) Teaching in 5 educational progtams (KEK) that took place at the Department of Food Technology.

C) Teaching subjects pertaining to Chemistry and Food Technology (1 program at KEK of TEI-Piraeus, 1 , 2 -INVEST, 1 ).

Active member of Scientific and Professional Organisations:

- Mermber of the Panhellenic Union of Food Technologists.

- Mamber of the Union of Greek Chemists ( in the AC of the Food Dept. 2003-2005 aknd in the AC of the Education Dept.2004-2006)

- Member of the Institute of Food Technology (USA)

- Member of the Society for Applied Bacteriology (UK)

ActiveMember of the Union of Staff of TEI-Athens: In the Central Administratove Council of the Union of the Teaching Staff in various positions IVice-presoident, General Secretart etc.and General Secretary of the Co-Unions of TEaching Staff of all TEI's for the period 2004-2005 (-).


- Scientific Responsible of the project "Program of Practical Exercise- EPEAEK" for the period 1998-2001.

Member of the scientific team of the project "Reshaping of the program of studies of the Department of Food Technology" (1997-2000).

-Member of the research teams with subjects:

"Operational properties and utilisation of the proteins of some Curcubitacae in food products" (1990-1993)

Health Quality of Fish Products (1994-1996),

"Acceptability and Possibilities of using sweet water fish for canning by Low-Scale Units"(1990-1991),

"Triad Cogglomerates of Metallic elements of transition with Nucleobases, Nucleosites and Amino-acids or Peptides (1988-1991),

"Utilisation of Food Industry wastes for the production of natural anti-oxidants and anti-funghi and their application in various food products (2004-2006).

Supervision of 4 postgraduate studies (M.SC. projects) of the University of Lincolnshire in collaboration with the Department of Food technology.


- Three books for the Second-Grade Technical Education, with titles: "Physicochemical methods of Analysis"

"Physicochemical methods of Analysis" Laboratory Manual) and "Food Legislation"

-One book in commerce, titled Food Microbiology"

-Teaching Notes for the lessons tought at the Department of Food Technology.

"Instrumental Chemical Analysis of Food and Beverages"

"Legislation and Food Specifications"

"Laboratory Exercises in Instrumental Analysis of Food and Beverages"


Contributions to Greek and International conferences with 14 papers.


14 Publications in Greek and International refereed journals:

1. Inspection of TEChnology and Hygiene of Food 4: 98-101, (1983)

2. Journal of Food Science 52: 817-822 (1987)

3. The Sci. Total Env. 76:49-54 (1988)

4. Int. J. of Food Science and Technology 23:585-590 (1988)

5. The Sci. of the Total Env.,84:237-247 (1989)

6. The Sci. of the Total Env., 91:161-176 (1990)

7. The Sci. of the Total Env., 92:207-222 (1990)

8. Micr. Electr. Biol. Gel. 15:119-130 (1991)

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12. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 44:45-62 (1993)

13. The Sci. of The Total Env.

14. Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Methods

Total of references 168 (17 self-references ans 151 references by other researchers).

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