ERASMUS Students Announcement (07/11/2011)
 Department of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design 
The learning area of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Product Design Department is clearly defined by its official departmental title: Interior Architecture, Applied Arts Education, Product Design.
The curriculum of the Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Design Department is linking architecture, applied arts, interior design and product design for the purpose of human use, creating spaces and products that are functional, efficient and aesthetic. At the very core of the degree program is the underlying notion that students learn exponentially more information through the act of doing. The design workshop facilities allow students the opportunity to develop their conceptual designs into product-model or physical product.
Studies at the Department last eight (8) semesters. The curriculum includes seven (7) semesters of Theoretical Courses and Workshops and one semester of Practical Training in the public or the private sector. In order to complete studies, students have to present a final Dissertation.
The Department operates since 1977 as one of the five departments that constitute the Faculty of Applied Arts & Design of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens - the first Higher Education school of Applied Arts in Greece.

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